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The James Oliver Gallery Archive Presents:

"rogue: exposure" 
Alyssa Maloof "Kingsessing Back" 2012

Thomas Jackson "Bonfire"


Featuring Artists: Alyssa Maloof, Thomas Jackson, and Ilisa Katz Rissman

Opening Reception: September 15, 2012 6PM-10PM *Refreshments provided by Yards Brewery and Morimoto Restaurant

 This September 15-October 20 JOG presents "rogue: exposure" a photographic exhibit, showcasing work that explores the channeled sentiments of the solitary figure set in backdrops where time is seemingly suspended momentarily. As Maloof, Jackson and Rissman illuminate their subjects in various romantic and scenes they expose the vulnerability, power, and glimpses into their subjects solitary reality. Photographer Alyssa Maloof falls nothing short of capturing the classic and always unique outlook on the usage of the “femme fatale”.  Throughout her work, Maloof creates a perfect harmony of color contrasts in each photograph, immortalizing the radiating sexuality of her subjects. Like Rissman and Maloof, Thomas Jackson demonstrates his expertise in lighting while portraying machine versus nature.  Jackson’s ethereal quality to each photograph personifies the purpose of the machine in natural settings. 

"rogue: exposure" is a show that will allow you to reflect your own contemplative nature, as its winding photographic narratives transport you to a place of quiet thought. So be sure to start your fall gallery touring season with a fresh perspective of nature, the individual figure and a return to more humble beginnings.

Gallery Hours: "rogue:exposure"

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Ilisa Katz Rissman's "Charlotte" 

Edith Newhall; Philadelphia Inquirer Review October 8, 2012

J"ames Oliver Gallery, usually a haven for painting, drawings, and sculpture, turns to photography occasionally. Its current

 exhibition, "Rogue: Exposure," of photographs of people and figures in isolated situations by Thomas Jackson, Ilisa Katz

 Rissman, and Alyssa Maloof, is its strongest exclusively photography show to date. Jackson's images of mysterious nocturnal

 scenes (some involving a robot), Rissman's close-up candid color portraits of teens, and Maloof's deliberately sketchy shots of

 swimmers in a public pool in Philadelphia's Kingsessing neighborhood make for a disparate but of-the-moment gathering." 

-Edith Newhall

Read http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/20121007_Galleries___An_overdue_and_snappy_show_of_Andrade_s_prints.html#ixzz2ACpYLk00 
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Featuring Artist Joe Meiser

Opening Reception Saturday June 30th 6PM-10PM

The Show runs from June 30-August 4

Joe Meiser is a renowned sculptor, installation and performance artist and professor at Bucknell University. Meiser's experiences range from working as a studio assistant to designing toys for Hasboro.  Meiser's work focuses primarily on exploring the universality of the human condition and its historical temporality. 

Through sculpture, photography, video, and performance art, INFLUX offers an alternate reality where the physical becomes metaphysical, serious becomes playful, and the concrete becomes fluid. A robot struggles with an identity crisis, Steven Hawking as Elijah ascends into Heaven on chariot of fire, and giant Homo Sapien skulls are twisted and distorted into amorphous floating forms, all of which make the viewer question their own ideas of reality. JOG is delighted to present it's first solo exhibition of the season. 


images/reverberations/Reverberations Logo

Works by Madeline Adams & Emily Chatton



February 11th- March 24th


Opening Reception

Saturday, February 11th, 2012


Music by Gabriel Globus Trio 

Work by m adams
Detail of Waves 5
by Madeline Adams
Detail of Waves 4
by Madeline Adams
Work by E Chatton df
by Emily Chatton
Detail of As above so below
by Emily Chatton

JOG presents its first show of the new season, exhibiting works from artists Madeline Adams and Emily Chatton. The show, curated by JOG's own Katherine Perkins, explores the organic  focal points of modern chaos in both natural and urban settings. The amorphous form and the grid abound in the works of the two artists.


Former Philadelphia native Emily Chatton unites her classical  PAFA training with unusual contemporary materials such as mylar and resin, in pieces that explore her passion for the natural world. Chatton's use of light, transparency, repetitive imagery, and patterns create a dream-like atmosphere for her imagery to reside in, reinforcing the feel of nostalgia and memory in pieces often inspired by her own history.


Madeline Adams' work explores connections and idiosyncrasies in the natural world, through the medium of painted abstractions that use color and layering to make contrasts of concealment and revealment. Unsuspected moments are both an inspiration and a welcome outcome of her working methods. Patterning and spontaniety organize the organic forms in her work, creating images that are both chaotic and comfortable, like nature itself

at the Annex Gallery:

"Time,Light, Chance"

December 8, 2011 - March 2, 2012

“Sometimes just a fraction of a second can provide the eye with enormous visual delight. An Expressway overpass swishes over your head, a glance at a body of water at the right place and right light and weather conditions, cast shadows that have a life of their own are among these that I harvest and distill. I hope you enjoy looking at these works as much as I enjoy making them.” -RON JOHNSON


The James Oliver Gallery (JOG) is pleased to present Ron Johnson’s fourth exhibition with the gallery, TIME, LIGHT, CHANCE. The opening reception will take place Thursday, December 8th, 5:30pm-8:30 and the show will run from December 8th through March 2nd 2012.

This is a must-see exhibition! Experience Johnson’s unique color and composition alluding to the intangible. These exquisite oil paintings capture the transience and playfulness of everyday light and shadow.

Born to missionaries in the Philippines, Johnson graduated with honors from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He has primarily exhibited in solo shows at JOG including: Billboards and Trees (2006), Field Rhythm Zoom (2007), and also Scents and Form (2008) with world-renowned sculptor, Emil Alzamora. His most recent exhibition with JOG was Transplant (2009) with sculptor Steven Earl Weber. 

Blackney Hayes Architects, through their generous patronage of local arts, has initiated an umbrella of support to the James Oliver Gallery. This support enables JOG to expand its mission in exhibiting great quality, contemporary works by increasing its accessibility to a larger audience.

Blackney Hayes Architects
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